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We want you to be DEBT FREE! Every year approximately 15,000 Australians file bankruptcy. It’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a necessity and it’s the fastest way to get back to living your life and being in control of your finances, which will reduce your stress level, and help you personally lead a happier life.


Bankruptcy is simply a legal process where you are unable to pay your debts. It will release you from most of debts, stop harassment and allow you to make a fresh debt - free start.

Voluntary Bankruptcy is where you declare bankruptcy, rather than having your creditors force you into bankruptcy through the courts, this is referred to as a creditors petition.

Bankruptcy lasts 3 years + 1 day.

Apply for Bankruptcy Online in 3 simple steps!

  • Step 1: Complete bankruptcy evaluation
  • Step 2: Complete bankruptcy forms
  • Step 3: Have your bankruptcy approved

(Don't worry we help with the whole process)!

To find out if you meet the bankruptcy eligibility and to request the bankruptcy forms click the "Apply Now" below.


Bankruptcy Eligibility Checklist Request

You Don’t Deserve To Be Hunted By Collection Agents


When your phone rings, do you dread who might be on the other end? If so, we know exactly how you feel. Many of our clients have dodged 10-20 daily collection calls for 4 years before deciding to file bankruptcy, don’t let that happen to you.


One specific client said this single decision saved his marriage, his mental health, his career, and probably his life. Debt does not have to be the first thing you think about when you wake up, or the last thing you worry about before going to sleep.


It’s time to say “NO MORE” to:

    • Constant debt collection phone calls from 6am to 10pm, hounding you at all hours
    • The feeling that you are going nowhere in life and only falling deeper into despair
    • The fear of legal action, garnishment of wages, or repossession of your belongings
    • The feeling of dread that comes from everything spiraling out of control
    • Denial and trying to ignore the problem (your debt won’t go away on its own!)
    • High stress levels and depressed thoughts
    • Unable to sleep
    • Hiding from your debts
    • Feeling of failure
    • Relationship breakdown

There is a perfectly legal and respectable way for you to take control of your finances and get your life back. It might be bankruptcy, and it might be another debt management strategy. There’s only one way to find out! So Schedule time with us now.


This Free Test Will Show You If You Should File Bankruptcy:

Free Online Bankruptcy Checker

No, Bankruptcy Is Not For Everyone

And we don’t recommend it to everyone we talk to. We believe no one should suffer from severe debt, even if they are not ready to declare bankruptcy. We explore all options to determine which avenue will benefit you the most.

Is Bankruptcy a bad thing?

Many people believe that bankruptcy is taboo or a bad thing. IT IS NOT! 

It's a legal way you are given an opportunity for a fresh start. However, the choice to go bankrupt can be filled with a lot of emotions and should definately be discussed with someone who's proficient in the industry. 

This will ensure you get the right advice for your circumstances. Our Bankruptcy assistance program is designed to help you go bankruptcy in Australia


Online Bankruptcy Checker & Form Request
Bankruptcy Hotline 1300 712 466

A Brand New Fresh Start

Now You Can Wipe The Slate Clean

Most people in your situation feel hopeless, yet they still believe bankruptcy is only for failures and they’d rather avoid the embarrassment. Does that sound familiar?


What you might not have realized is that bankruptcy is a routine legal proceeding which the courts are very accustomed to handling. Bankruptcy simply means restructuring your debt, and finding a fair arrangement to pay off as much as possible in 3 short years. Most times you pay nothing.


After the 3-year period, you will be 100% debt-free and ready to start all over again.

  • After filing for bankruptcy, the debt collection calls will stop immediately
  • You will be self-sufficient once more – able to care for yourself and your family
  • You’ll finally be able to sleep stress-free, knowing it is all being taken care of
  • Depression and anxiety finally have room to move on and your mental health will return
  • You’ll be able to move forward towards your goals without debt standing in your way
Bankruptcy Eligibility Checklist and Form Request

Your Future Is Bright

Here’s How It Works

Bankruptcy Discovery Session
30 minutes to find out if filing bankruptcy is right for you.

  1. Determine your eligibility for bankruptcy.
  2. Determine that Bankruptcy is your best option.
  3. Obtain the necessary information.

Filing Preparation
We’ll help you organize your documents and necessary paperwork.

  1. Obtain the necessary documentation.
  2. Complete a statement of affairs.
  3. Completion of Debtors Petition.

Getting On The Docket
We’ll help you file your application, and ensure it goes through.

  1. Lodge the application with The Australian Financial Security Authority
  2. Receive any rejected applications and remedy the reject reason, then correctly and completely re-lodge the application.
  3. Obtain the Bankruptcy Number.

4 Step Process

This is the 4 steps to a fresh start.
If you’ve looked into your options and feel that bankruptcy is your option then fill out our bankruptcy evaluation and we will assist you through the process.

Free Online Bankruptcy Checker

Now ask yourself these following 2 questions, make sure you answer them honestly.

Question 1: Can you pay off your current debt level (including Interest) over the next 3 years, while not impacting your current lifestyle?

bankruptcy debts

Question 2: Based on your current debt level and stress are you experiencing any of the following? Anxiety, Stress, harassment, lack of sleep, relationship strain / breakdown, depression, refusing to answer phone numbers you don’t know, debt collection, feeling of failure?

bankruptcy stress


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Why choose bankruptcy?

The person is protected from being pursued by creditors, and with only a few exceptions, is completely released from their debts upon discharge of
bankruptcy. This is a process which is used to give a person a fresh start!


A good question to ask yourself to see if bankruptcy might be a suitable option for
you is the following:


Can you pay o your total debts within the next 3 years without it causing you and your family stress?

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What are people saying?

Join 100s of other satisfied clients who have taken back control of their financial lives
Thank you so much for all your help, I was so overwhelmed and scared. I had tried for years to pay my debts and just felt like a hamster on a wheel. You really made it easy for me and I’m so glad that I was able to get a fresh start in life. The stress relief was massive. Thanks again.
If I had known how easy and how much better off I would have been with bankruptcy I would have done it years ago. I thought it would affect me for the rest of my life. 2 weeks later and I now don’t get phone calls and harassment from my debts. Should have done it years ago. Thanks!
Once the process was finished no more calls or harassment. The weight that was lifted was enormous. I’m greatful and amazed at how much better my life is. Depression and anxiety has all but dissapeared. Me and my family thank you

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