Are you stuggling with debt?

Find out what the top 6 Bankruptcy Myths are?

  MYTH #1 I don't have enough debt to file for bankruptcy!

There's no limit to the amount of debt you need to have. If you're stuggling to repay, then bankruptcy could be an option

  MYTH #2 I'll lose my house and my car!

This is a common myth. You can keep your car if the value is less than $8,000 or if you have less than $8,000 equity. If you have a house, it's a little more complicated, however the answer is yes you can keep your house in certain situations - find out below if you qualify.

  MYTH #3 Everyone will know and i'll be embarressed!

Absolutely NOT! The only ppl that will know are if you have joint loans that are being bankrupted the other party will be notified, and the creditors.  Outside of this it is a highly confidencial process and we don't tell anyone without your permission

  MYTH #4 It Means I'm a  Failure!

The only true failure is the person who doesn't take advantage of bankruptcy and drags it out for years... It's a legal way to release you from your debts. Getting a fresh start can be just what you need to succeed!

  MYTH #5 Bankruptcy Will Ruin My Future!

That's not true at all. Banruptcy lasts for only 3 years - after that you can apply for home loans / car loans etc. Many use this 3 year period to save a deposit for a house - it can vastly improve your future!

  MYTH #6 I Can't Travel Overseas!

Yes you can. All you have to do is complete an overseas travell application.  It's important too do this though as it is a requirement of your bankruptcy!